Development of the first interim management provider AC AlphaManagement GmbH in Germany.

Interim management is the “interim management rent A Head of Kirsten Frank, publisher Heinrich Sadler 1995, 1st stand work on the topic), due to clear targets from the outset. The interim manager takes over a management job without hierarchical power. He analyses the situation found in the company and begins to implement the situation that was recognized as necessary in the first days of operation. The focus of his change management activities is on implementation.

That hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. When Alpha Consulting started work in Frankfurt on 1 July 1979, the idea of the founders was to build a consulting company for the industry with independently experienced managers. Already in the first months, the customers said that “the managers should also implement their ideas, who know how to do it.” From then on, the founders named this area AlphaManagement. At the time, they were not aware that they were setting up the first interim management provider in Germany (see above Kirsten Frank pages 8:12, 13). They built the Alpha Management Pool® with more than 1,000 independent interim managers and experts as early as the early 90s.

In 1998, the Financial Times published a landmark book on interim management, “The Interim Manager, a new career model for the experienced manager.” When asked why interim managers and customers should turn on an interim management provider, the answer is: “Intermediary provide the added value of risk minimization through their selection procedure” (see page 123 above). That hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. The author started his collaboration with AlphaManagement in 1998, first as a customer, then as interim manager, and now as managing director and shareholder. The interim management provider understands the company situation of its customer and, with his experience, selects the right manager from 20,000 interim managers now working at DACH. This advice is the key to the success of the interim manager’s commitment.

What has changed in the work of the interim management provider?

Meanwhile, interim manager data is public and there are about 100 interim management service providers. Customer and interim manager must choose the provider of their trust. A very good selection with quality providers can be found at the Association of Providers The author is actively involved in the development of the association. Among other things, he leads the jury for the award of interim manager of the year. Not least because of these excellent sample carts, top managers have decided to work as interim managers. They now perceive it as a profession. After all, interim management has followed globalisation. The author co-founded Senior Management Worldwide ( more than 15 years ago, today with 18 partners one of the largest interim management provider alliances in the world.

On the occasion of AC AlphaManagement GmbH’s 40th anniversary, the author (on the homepage: and on LinkedIn) publishes 40 exciting cases and stories about all company functions, about sometimes dramatic but always complex situations From the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, electronics, chemistry, etc., very often cross border, all of which are true, but without naming the protagonists, in order to maintain confidentiality.


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