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Would you like to become a member of the Alpha Management Pool?

We are pleased that you would like to apply for inclusion in the Alpha Management Pool.

Please register using the ‘Registration’ button at the bottom of this page, which will take you to the registration page. By registering, you acknowledge our working principles as the basis for our future cooperation.

Once you have completed your registration, we will examine your suitability for the Alpha Management Pool on the basis of the documents you have provided and in a personal interview and send you the result promptly.

We operate the Alpha Management Pool in cooperation with UNITEDINTERIM as an infrastructure service provider. However, all members of the Alpha Management Pool are only visible to Alpha Management. On this basis, your membership is free of charge for you.

Are you already registered with UNITEDINTERIM?

This will then be recognized when you register – provided you use the same e-mail address for the Alpha Management Pool registration. In this case, AC Alpha already has unrestricted access to your documents as a customer of UNITEDINTERIM – and you don’t have to do anything else.

You are not yet registered with UNITEDINTERIM?

Then please click on the “Register” button and complete the entire registration process. Only your complete registration will trigger our verification process.


UNTITEDINTERIM offers three fee-based service packages with different service levels. What all service packages have in common is that your documents can be seen not only by AC Alpha, but by all market participants in the interim business without restrictions. You can easily avail such a package of services at a later date if you wish. In this case, please contact UNITEDINTERIM directly.

If you want to apply for inclusion in the Alpha Management Pool, you must register. At the end of this page you will find the ‘Registration’ button, which will take you to the next step. After checking your suitability by reviewing your CV and a personal interview, we will confirm your membership. During registration you will be asked to confirm our working principles and our privacy policy, both by ticking them. After checking your suitability for the Alpha Management Pool, we will send you feedback as soon as possible.

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