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An Interim Manager is beneficial for your company

AlphaManagers know what they are doing. They work as temporary executives and draw from a large pool of professional and entrepreneurial experience. They can be used at all management levels.

Often it is necessary to increase efficiency or implement change management. Tasks within the framework of digital transformation/Industry 4.0 (digitalization) are becoming increasingly important for interim management.

Other typical area for interim manager are

Vacancy bridging, restructuring, remediation, post merger integrations, location relocation or site consolidation, as well as business development.

AlphaManager successfully supports companies from the German key industries, eg., automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering and chemistry.  Temporary management tasks include the implementation of the technological breakthrough and new environmental regulations.

AlphaManagers perform temporarily corporate functions

  • Plant Manager, Site Manager, Technical Manager, Chief Operations Officer, Operations Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager
  • General Manager, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Business Unit Manager, Board Member
  • Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Director, Human Resources Business Partner, Benefit & Compensation Manager, Payroll Manager
  • Finance Director, Chief Finance Officer, Finance Manager, Commercial Director
  • Controller, Group Controller, Consolidation Manager
  • Production Manager, Engineering, Quality Manager, Health/Safety & Environment Manager
  • Project Manager, Program Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Business Manager
  • IT Manager, IT Manager, Chief Information Officer, Software Architect
  • Supply Chain Manager, Materials Manager, Logistics Manager
  • Restructuring Manager, Turnaround Manager, Chief Restructuring Officerbranchenkun
  • Customer Service Manager, Call Center Manager
  • Claim Manager, Commercial Manager
  • Research & Development Manager, Head of Development, Chief Technology Officer, Design Manager
  • Head of Purchasing, Operational and Strategic Purchasing, Purchasing Manager
  • Merger & Acquisition Manager, Post Merger Integration Manager
  • Marketing Manager, e-commerce Manager, PR Manager

Industries of AlphaManager

  • Mechanical engineering (engineering, drive technology, sensors, robotics)
  • Plastics (films, compounders, tools, plastics processing)
    Automotive (electronics, interior, construction, propulsion and engine technology)
  • Chemistry (Organic/Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Electrical engineering (measurement/control/regulation technology, consumer electronics, white goods, small appliances, building technology)
  • Information Technology (IT) / Telecommunications (HW/SW/Interfaces/Internet of Things/”Industry 4.0″)
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) (food / non-food)
  • Construction industry (products / services)
  • Trade (import / export, wholesale / specialized wholesale, retail / specialized retail, procurement / outbound  logistics)

Alpha Interim Case Studies



SeniorManagementWorldwide Global Interim Management Survey

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Interim Leadership Personalities

Second Study of the AIMP in collaboration with Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg

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EBS Interim Executive Programme

AlphaManagement supports the EBS Programm Inspiring Personalities

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