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Companies are as individual as people themselves.

From decades of experience, we know that solution concepts can at best be similar, but are never the same across the board. Each task always requires a specific solution. We have many years of experience with companies from all sectors in filling interim management positions in various functions.

Development of task profile, the requirement profile results.

The development of a task profile leads to the automatic creation of a requirements profile. The job profile describes the specific tasks and responsibilities of a position, while the requirements profile defines the qualifications, skills and experience required for this position. This requirement profile is crucial to ensure that the right person is selected for the job.

Ten reasons for AC Alpha

The focus of our advice is the fulfillment of the customer’s request. We help with the development of tasks and the creation of adequate requirement profiles in order to then find the right managers and experts for our customers. First, we listen to our customer and ask questions in order to properly understand the requirement profile. Even if industry knowledge is expressly not required in the requirements profile, we check whether this is necessary. Many years of industry knowledge help the interim manager to quickly orientate himself in most tasks. Industry knowledge is also very helpful for the acceptance of our interim managers by our customer’s employees.

After examining the requirement profile and selecting the right top interim manager, we summarize their experience in a manager profile. Here we particularly highlight the skills of the interim manager in relation to the task and the customer’s wishes. Within 72 hours our customer receives a manager profile according to his wishes. We select the top interim managers for our clients who are used to taking on management tasks in a tense company situation and, so to speak, increasing efficiency or achieving the turnaround while the engine is running. With this ability, they are often superior to the permanent incumbent manager. You are used to mastering a complex crisis situation, mastering a real challenge. We select top interim managers for our clients who have proven many times that they can successfully master challenges.

When selecting the interim managers, we make sure that they have knowledge of the methods. One of the most important situations for methods is change management. In most interim management tasks, employees have to learn to work differently. When processes are optimized, this always has an impact on the way employees work. One of the most important factors in change management is communication. We make sure that the top interim manager can explain his measures very well. Many customers use our interim managers to implement measures to increase efficiency. Then managers need to be familiar with key performance indicators (KPIs). When it comes to downsizing, closure and relocation, a structured approach, like project management, is necessary. Therefore, a project management training is helpful. This also applies to the area of business development and the establishment of a new organization (start-up).

Cultural knowledge also includes international experience and language skills. Our top interim managers often work on cross-border projects, either abroad or for a foreign client in Germany. We select those interim managers who have cultural knowledge of the respective country and can easily find their way there.

It is also important to us which leadership style the interim manager uses. This is mainly about the soft skills of the manager. The manager’s way of working must fit the corporate culture of our customer. Good leadership means giving honest feedback on a regular basis, making transparent decisions and handing over responsibility. Active listening through questioning and showing the right amount of empathy. Set up flat hierarchies, every opinion is worth the same. Uncomfortable issues must be brought to the table. There are no power games.

We accompany the manager to our customer and introduce him personally. In the interview, our customer explains which task he would like to assign to the manager. The manager explains his own blue print. He explains how he intends to tackle the task described and what his measures will be. The customer can get an idea of what to expect when he commissions the presented manager. The first interview is for mutual introduction. There is usually a second conversation between the manager and our customer, in which our manager gives a specific statement on our customer’s task. If the chemistry between the two is right, the job will come.

We advise our customers when starting the interim manager. What powers should he transfer to him, how should he introduce him to the employees, what instructions can he give him. We advise transparency here. In our customer’s organization, every employee should know that the interim manager is an external person.

We create a legally secure service contract for our customers. In doing so, we observe the confidentiality of our customers’ business secrets, the avoidance of bogus self-employment and – very important nowadays – data protection. Through the cooperation with the provider association “Working Group Interim Management Provider (AIMP)”, we always fall back on the latest findings. The recommendation for the interim management contract prepared by the legal director of the AIMP, Bodo Blanke, can be found here as a PDF download.

During the assignment of our interim manager to our customer, we make sure that everyone involved has all the information. We regularly check whether everyone is satisfied. We do not interfere in the day-to-day business of our manager. However, we are always available as a sparring partner for important decisions.

An interim management project often ends up being part-time. The interim manager trains the new permanent manager. If a young manager is to be developed from our customer’s ranks, our interim manager will coach him for a while. At the end of the project there is a final discussion. It is important to us to learn from every project in order to constantly improve our service to our customers.

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