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Companies are as individual as we are ourselves. From decades of experience, we know that solution concepts can at best be similar, but never the same. Therefore, every task always requires a very specific approach. Through our many years of work, we have successfully advised companies of all industries in filling interim management positions in various functions and projects.

High customer orientation

The focus of our consulting is the fulfillment of the customer’s requirements. Our work processes are highly customer-oriented. This way, we help with the development of tasks and the creation of adequate requirement profiles in order to find the right managers and subject matter experts for our customers. First, we listen to our customer and ask questions to properly understand the job specification.

Job Requirements

Even, if the requirement profile does not explicitly require industry knowledge, we check whether these are required. For most tasks, the interim manager has years of industry knowledge to understand the scope of work quickly. Industry knowledge is also very helpful for the acceptance of our interim managers by the customer’s employees.

More than 10 years leadership experience in the role

Our interim managers have more than 10 years of leadership experience in the sought after function. Often they are also overqualified for the task, which helps them to get an idea of ​​the situation in the first few days and to take the first steps. They look outside the box and know how the solution you are looking for works with other functions in the company.


We select the best fitting interim managers for our clients, who are accustomed to taking on managerial duties in a tense corporate situation, increasing efficiency or creating a turnaround while the engine is running. With this ability, they are often superior to a permanent employee established manager. They are used to mastering a complex crisis situation, mastering real challenges. We are looking for top interim managers for our clients, who have proven many times that they can master critical situations  successfully.

Knowledge of methods

When choosing interim managers, we make sure that they have methodical knowledge. One of the most important methods is change management. Most interim management tasks require employees to learn to work differently. When processes are optimized, it always has an impact on the way people work. One of the key factors in change management is communication. We make sure that the Top Interim Manager can explain his actions very well.

Lean management

Another method that is often demanded, is lean management. This method was developed in automobile production and is used today also in other areas. Lean Management is a management and organizational concept. The focus is on avoiding overheads, errors and unnecessary costs, by keeping the production quality that is required by the customers of our customers. The goal of lean management is high efficiency at work. In the automotive industry, the Toyota production system was developed under lean management. Again, this is applied to many industries today. Many managers write that they master Lean Management methods. We check exactly what their scope of knowledge and expierience is and whether the Interim Manager has successfully applied these methods.

Interim Manager as Implementer

Many customers use our interim managers as implementers of efficiency improvement measures. The managers need to know key figures (KPIs) that measure success. Downsizing, closure and relocation is a structured approach, as required in project management. That’s why a good project management training is helpful. This also applies to business development and the establishment of a new organization (Start-Ups).

Project Manager

This should be distinguished from customers, who work with a project organization, for example, in plant construction and mechanical engineering or in the construction industry. Here the specialized interim managers has to have a project management training according to Prince2 or they are Scrum Masters.


It is also important to us which leadership style the interim manager uses. This is primarily about the softskills of the manager. The manager has to fit our customers company culture and his way of  working. Good leadership means giving honest and permanet feedback, make transparent decisions and transfer responsibility. Show active listening through inquiries and empathy to the right extent. Set up flat hierarchies, every opinion is worth the same. Uncomfortable topics need to be on the table. There are no power games.

Selection from the Alpha Community

To be able to assess the abilities as mentioned above, we must know the manager personally. That’s why we’re doing a face-to-face interview with an interim manager, before they join our Alpha Community and get listed in our Alpha Management Pool®. In addition, we organize regular events, such as ‘Forum Interim Management’ or the Executive Meetings, to meet the managers time and again personally. In doing so, we check whether they personally develop and work on the cutting edge of technology. We also work intensively with the associations, eg with the leading German organisation of interim manager DDIM.

International experience

Cultural knowledge also includes international experience and language skills. Our top interim managers often work in cross border projects, either abroad or for a foreign client in Germany.

Manager profile within 72 hours

After reviewing the profile requirements and choosing the right top Interim Manager, we summarize his experience in a manager profile. We highlight the abilities of the Interim Manager supported by references relevant to the task and the customer requirements. Within 72 hours our customer receives a manager profile according to his requirements.

Personal presentation with the customer

We accompany the manager to our customer and introduce him personally. During the job interview our customer explains which task he would like to transfer to the manager. The manager explains his own blue print. He explains how he wants to tackle the task and what his actions will be. The customer can get an idea what to expect when he hires the introduced manager. The first conversation serves the mutual presentation. In general there is a second interview that the manager and our customer lead alone and our manager explains concretely how to takle the task of our customer. If the chemistry between the customer and interim manage is right, a contract will be concluded.

Service agreement

Then we will create a legally binding service agreement. In doing so, we respect the confidentiality of our customers’ business secrets, the avoidance of false (bogus) self-employment and, most importantly today, data protection. Through the cooperation with the German provider association AIMP (Arbeitskreis Interim Management Provider, we always use the latest insights.

Authorization of the Interim Manager

We advise our customers before the start of the interim manager what competency should he transfer to him. How he should  introduce him to the staff, what instructions can he give them. We recommend transparency here. In the organization of our customer, every employee should know that the interim manager is an outsider.

Care during the commitment

During the project mission of the Interim Manager at our customer, we make sure that all parties have all the information and we regularly check whether all are satisfied. We do not interfere in the daily business of our manager, but we are always available as a sparring partner for important decisions.

Incorporation of the new permanent manager

Often, an interim management project ends in part-time work. The interim manager works with the new permanent manager. If a young manager from the ranks of our client is succeeding, our interim manager will coach him for a while. At the end of the project there is a final discussion. It is important to us to learn from every project.

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