Interim Manager of the Year-Heinz Vollrath

Finally, I would like to introduce them to a car locksmith who trained at Daimler Benz. He then studied mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and France and finally completed his studies as an industrial engineer.

He is the expert for commercial vehicles and has been working as an interim manager since 2012, mainly in the role of general manager with a focus on sales. Has great experience and success in the reorganization of business areas. He is a hands-on manger who can do everything himself. His great strength lies in the motivation of his employees, colleagues and also of the customer to change and optimize things.

He does this in a positive friendly way, so it’s not difficult to follow him. He always finds the right tone. For Alphamagement, he worked for a family business last year, a civil engineering company with its own service center for commercial vehicles and construction equipment. As interim head of service centers, he exceeded the customer’s expectations. The customer later said in a joint press statement that he had taken exactly the right measures.

In addition to day-to-day business, reforms were made in line with company policy, working time models, management structures and business indicators. He then incorporated the new leader, he said. When the customer wanted to use him for another project in the field of civil engineering, he advised him because he did not feel sufficiently competent for it himself.

He has always put the customer benefit in the foreground and advised all measures with his provider in advance. He is a member of the DDIM and actively exchanges with his colleagues. For his provider, he is a guarantor of a successful project. Interim Manager of the Year Proposed by Alphamagement is: HEINZ VOLLRATH



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