Interim managers ensure German companies ‘ competitiveness

Interim management is booming in Germany. The Interim Management provider Working Group counts about 20,000 interim managers in the German-speaking area. According to a study by Helmut Schmidt University together with the Interim Management Provider Working Group (AIMP), 15 approximately 3,000 interim managers are the most successful interim managers. Interim management is the supreme discipline for experienced executives. Many of the top interim managers already have experience from successful digitization projects in various industries. This is particularly true in the automotive sector as well as in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Automotive production needs to become more efficient

If, as has just happened, Herbert Diess of VW announces the new business strategy E-mobility, it will have a major impact on automotive suppliers and mechanical and plant engineering. Electric cars do not have such a high added value as vehicles with internal combustion engines. In order to remain profitable in the future, savings must be made. Production efficiency needs to be increased by 20 to 30 percent.

Digitisation is changing the way we work – interim managers are helping to transform

If you want to see these days what is possible in the digitization of production companies, take a look around the Hannover Messe. Many innovations shown there are also new possible, e.g. the new 5G mobile data transfer standard is now coming. This standard allows data to be transmitted in real time. As a result, moving robots and self-driving vehicles no longer have to travel with cables or rails during production.

VW is therefore forming a global alliance with Amazon Cloudservices. Siemens is also to supply the technology to connect all VW factories around the world. Due to the hierarchy between the OEMs and the suppliers, they must all follow.

Employees are afraid that digitisation will cause them to lose their jobs. What is certain is that digitisation is changing the way we work and creating new jobs. Everyone has to learn to do that. Now the top interim manager comes into play. They motivate employees to embrace the changes in their work environment. Without classic disciplinary authority and only with their professional and personal authority, experienced interim managers convince employees to adapt their way of working and to support digitization.

Interim managers increase the efficiency of a production

He can acquire the theoretical knowledge of what a manager needs. But he only learns practice through experience. The top interim managers have gained experience in highly critical corporate situations. That’s why they are often superior to the permanent manager who hasn’t had to go through that experience yet. A manager who has successfully shown on several occasions that he can increase the efficiency of a production by 20 – 30 % increases the prospect of success with a new assignment enormously.

Selecting the right top interim manager via quality provider

The Swedes invented it and there was the first provider to offer interim managers for demanding change projects.

In Germany, AC AlphaManagement GmbH started in 1979 with the use of experienced interim managers with its customers. What has changed since then?

Alpha Management’s chief executive, Bodo Blanke, has been advising his clients for 20 years. During the time, he personally accompanied about 500 appearances from Top Interim managers.

A quality provider like Alpha Management, which has been on the market for so long, also has data on the top interim managers that are not public. The managing director of Alpha Management knows many managers personally. He has already experienced them in the project and he meets them regularly at events. Almost daily, he interviews interim manager in person, who he doesn’t yet know if he will deploy.

These personal insights from interviews, events and managers ‘ assignments are now the true assets of a quality provider. This sets it apart from providers who, according to a request, only seek managers on social media or platforms.

Conclusion: Top interim managers ensure the competitiveness of German companies in the implementation of digitization. The managing director of the most experienced quality producer in Germany knows the top interim managers personally. His advice ensures that the right interim manager is selected for a demanding assignment with his client.

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