Agile management

At present, in addition to digitalization and transformation, an adjective is being made especially: Agile. It often sounds like, who isn’t agile can’t succeed. The Duden describes agile, testifying to great mobility, agile. In agile project management, –, in contrast to the traditional process – not the entire project process is planned through and a final goal is set in detail. Rather, step by step, the project is planned in order to move closer to a goal that is becoming more and more apparent.

In order to be able to work agile, work 4.0 is needed: Place of trust (home office), trust working time, self-responsibility. Only this year, after a heated discussion about sham self-employment, the legislature has written the traditional concept of workers in place for the first time (§ 611a BGB), which does not even want to fit in. … “The right of direction may concern the content, implementation, time and place of activity. The power attached is who cannot essentially design his or his job freely and determine his working time … ”
Companies give their employees more freedom to be attractive as an employer and, of course, to boost productivity. For the executives, the “new freedom” of their subordinates is a horror. They even allow themselves to be voluntarily removed from responsibility.

Conclusion: agile work currently creates more problems than it solves.

The interim managers have always been agile. If it is not a mere vacancy bridging, but the character project is formative in its work, for example in process optimization or refurbishment, in change management, business development, then the interim managers cannot plan through everything. The complexity and dynamism of the project process prevents this. However, you work in a very structured way, according to your own concept, and can therefore repeat the success again and again. In doing so, you determine your working time and your place of work yourself, and are not bound by instructions from the client. The staff are not subordinate to you in a disciplinary manner. You lead with your high professional and social competence. Agile working is a trademark of interim managers. Fixed managers will struggle with this.

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