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After Denmark and the Netherlands, AlphaManagement started bringing together interim managers and customers in Germany 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, the interim management has followed globalization. AlphaManagement co-founded SeniorManagementWorldwide (SMW) 15 years ago, the world’s largest interim management provider alliance. From Australia, across China, Europe to the USA, prices, conditions and contracts are comparable at first glance. However, there are subtle differences from country to country in a cross-border deployment of an interim manager.

For the past 15 years, AlphaManagement has completed half of its projects with alliance partners. Many with European partners, especially Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, various Eastern European countries and especially Sweden. Plant management, post-merger integration, closure and relocation, business development, turnaround, all very exciting projects and sometimes our interim managers exceeded customer expectations.

Projects in Russia, China, other Asian countries, USA and Brazil are also filled and managed from Germany. The successful interim manager needs language and cultural knowledge for these missions. The latter also applies to a local manager, who works for a company from Europe or USA. Knowledge about visas and work permits is also required.

The tasks of the interim managers are comparable everywhere. Companies need a flexible management resource that is readily available with specialist know-how. More than 50,000 interim managers have adapted to this worldwide. Global alliances such as SMW bring together clients and interim managers anywhere in the world.

Conclusion: By working together with the globally operating provider SMW Alliance, the German Interim Management Provider can fulfill every placement requirement of its customer at any location.

SeniorManagementWorldwide – International Case Studies

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