Committed on 100% Clients’ satisfaction

AlphaManagement, our partners and members of the AlphaManagementPOOL® work on manifested working principles. Because for us, a cooperative and yet absolutely professional relationship with our managers in the AlphaManagementPOOL® is absolutely essential.

Our working principles

  • Free membership
    We don’t charge admission- or membership fees.
  • Privacy
    AlphaManagement, and all our partners from our international network, only address members along with projects’ requests. The Pool-Members only get dispatched, if and when the client agrees. (click here to read our data protection policy)
  • Qualifications
    The general qualifications of each AlphaManager are tested by us prior to the manager’s acceptance to the AlphaManagementPool®. Evaluation criteria are: education, practical experience in certain specialized functions, proven success, references, and a seamless and success-oriented resume. For each and every inquiry, the suitability of a project-specific AlphaPool member is reviewed by us or by our partners at the first stage – and will get matched with the project-specific requirements.Therefore, the job-specification, being developed with our client, determines the standard.

    At the second stage, the client will check the eligibility of the AlphaManagers according to the client’s personal criteria. After a project is completed, the quality of the AlphaManager’s performance is jointly assessed by the client and us, or our partners. This evaluation impacts the examination of the suitability of the Pool-Member for further project opportunities in future.


    Every step of a project’s progress is kept as transparent to all parties involved. For that purpose, a detailed task and time plan, a clear listing of precise project results (interim and final results), an appropriate project organization (with substantial involvement of the client) as well as monthly AlphaManager assessment is applied.

  • Results Orientation
    Transparency ensures firm and results-focused planning, management and control of the project. Deviations from planned objectives are thus immediately detected. This allows quick and targeted responses to ensure project objectives’ achievements.
  • Flexibility
    Deviations from the original project plan are possible. Those will be acceptable, if all parties got informed about this in advance and in time, and/or are based on on our client´s consent.
  • Independence
    The planned- and coordinated tasks, which are approved by the client in advance, are carried out by each AlphaManager acting as an independent freelance Interim Manager. If the project results, as agreed-upon before, are achieved and provide a positive future outlook, neither we nor our partners will intervene with the manager´s execution of the project.
  • Project Security
    The AlphaManager will receive support from us or our partners should problems come up, whether from “chemistry side” or “technical side”. If for any reasons, an AlphaManager can no longer sustain the project, we or our partners will ensure the continuation of the project by placing another suitable AlphaManagementPool® member, if required and accepted by the client.
  • Confidentiality
    All employees of AlphaManagement GMBH or our partners, along with all members of the AlphaManagementPool®, are obligated to treat all accessible information in context of preparation of execution of an order as strictly confidential. This discretionary is valid even after completion of the appropriate projects.
  • Duty of Loyalty
    With being addressed by us or one of our partners, the AlphaManager is also obliged not engage himself in any direct contractual obligations with the client regarding this or similar projects. This is applicable for a period of 24 months, starting with the completion of the project (the last billing date), if the AlphaManager was engaged for this. If the manager was not appointed for this engagement, the 24 months start with signing the project-specific commitments.
  • Duty to supply Information
    During a project, the AlphaManager is obligated to inform us or our partners about all issues that challenge the success of all activities. Furthermore, the AlphaManager is obliged to inform us or our partners in a timely manner, if further external assistance is needed at a project.

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