Successful transitional solution in case of leadership shortages

The robust growth of the German economy continued in the second quarter of 2017, according to the Federal Employment Agency. Impulses came from construction investments, among other things. Expectations for the further economic development are optimistic. The labour market continues to develop positively. Conversely, the shortage of skilled workers is increasing, especially in management positions, where, in addition to professional qualifications and the willingness to continue training, leadership is indispensable. Fischer Weilheim GmbH also relies on the possibilities of professional interim management for vacancies at management level.

Founded in 1927, Fischer, a family-owned company, is considered a real institution in Stuttgart and beyond the region. In various operations, including the expansion of Stuttgart Airport, the participation in the complete renovation of Messe Stuttgart, excavation work in the creation of the MILANEO area equipped with around 43,000 square meters of retail space, apartments, offices and hotels, Spectacular demolitions of motorway bridges and not least with its current participation in the Stuttgart 21 rail project, the provider specialising in transport and construction services has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise in the context of complex large-scale projects. Put.

Since such large-scale operations on construction sites can only be mastered with an optimally maintained vehicle and machinery, the in-house ServiceCenter has a major role to play. As an independent business unit, it takes over the maintenance, maintenance and repair of Fischer trucks and construction equipment and also provides almost half of their capacity for external customers.

The company’s own fleet includes about 220 cars and trucks as well as around 100 construction equipment. In the past year, about three million tons of earth stroke and demolition material were transported.

Impressive facts and figures that can only be obtained thanks to the dedicated 350 employees. They are the company’s biggest asset, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in September of this year. That is why the company attaches great importance to ensuring that the company’s climate is right. This is because in order for employees to meet the ever-growing and, in addition, ever faster changing demands, they need good conditions. In addition to the right training, good working conditions and social benefits, this includes professional management in particular. The latter determines whether corporate interests are understood, accepted and implemented accordingly by the workforce. If there is a feeling wrong here, the performance decreases, the sick leave increases and the risk of good employees leaving the company increases. Not a nice idea at the current shortage of skilled workers in southern Germany. In order to ensure that this does not happen, the HR management keeps a particular eye on the executives, because they manage the most precious company capital.

As a result of necessary restructuring measures in the service centre, it became apparent that the management also had to be refilled. The team was looking for an executive with technical, logistical and economic know-how who takes the staff with them to reorient their business processes. In doing so, the management was certain that it would not be possible to occupy the management level in the short term, but that it would take a few months before the management office could be successfully filled in the long term. As the ServiceCenter, with its powerful workshop for cars, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as mobile breakdown and care services during the upcoming restructuring phase, was also the focus of the acquisition of new customers, but does not remain leaderless. The management decided to take an extraordinary step: It relied on interim management. Although this path had already been chosen in the commercial sector, there were completely different challenges for the service centre. And yet: Within a few days, says Hans-Jörg Fischer, one of the managing directors, a suitable manager has been appointed. I am surprised myself that with our demand in the industry we had two candidates to choose from. What we decided very quickly for Heinz Vollrath. Not only because of the professional competence, but also the chemistry had voted immediately.

[de] Heinz Vollrath is from the automotive industry. He has learned his trade from scratch. The 53-year-old is tightly familiar with the processes in a workshop. The interim and project manager looks back on many years of international management experience in the fields of technology, sales and service in large companies. In 2013, he founded his GmbH for consulting and interim management. And as interim manager, he bridges vacancies at senior level. He knows the family business took a risk with the appointment of an outside consultant. In the industry, you immediately think: Oh, there’s something wrong with that. There comes outside help. My service is to run the business temporarily until the long-term appointment of the right manager is found. For Hans-Jörg Fischer, this is stacked a bit deep, because Heinz Vollrath has taken exactly the right measures since May.

In addition to day-to-day business, working time models, management structures and business indicators have been reformed in line with company policy. There has been a new service manager since September. And Vollrath is working him in before he will bridge vacancies at the next company. Managing Director Fischer would have liked to keep him: A real stroke of luck. He has worked with the team and not against the staff. We like to call our service center a black box. He literally shed light on the dark. No, it was even a halogen light, and the positive developments took their course. The Fischers Heinz Vollrath would have liked to have hired on a permanent job, but you can’t keep an interim manager, just recommend it to others.

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