Group Controller in the steel industry

Controlling system optimization during relocation by Interim Group Controller.


The semi-finished product manufacturer Z AG is based abroad. The Financial Data Processing division will also be relocated. The administration’s move adds to the pressure on affected employees as day-to-day operations must continue without interruption. A public company must report regularly. The move is a mega strain for everyone.

The challenge

At the old site, the employees from controlling quickly find a new workplace. At the new site, the gaps can’t be filled so quickly as experienced controllers are hard to find. The operational controlling of Z AG needs an internationally experienced expert at the new location. He needs to optimize the forecasting area and he’s supposed to take care of budgeting. During the move, the processes are also to be optimized.


A limited company producing a semi-finished company is essential for reporting, information, and control tasks. In an additional tense company situation due to the move, the industry experience of the controlling expert cannot be dispensed with. The controller in the headquarters has to work out the acceptance of the management in just a few days and the respect of the factory controllers. He doesn’t have time to work in. Only with the necessary industry experience can he take the right measures right from the start.


Only an interim group controller with international experience can fill the gaps, improve the system and ensure the continuity of planning and reporting at very short notice when a public limited company relocates. However, he should have industry experience for this.


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