Turnaround in the system furniture industry with industry and methodological knowledge

European furniture maker O, with a turnover of 400 million euros, has a subsidiary in D who has been writing red numbers for years. The systems are sold through both sales representatives and their own sales. The sales representatives and the sales representatives often hamper themselves with the same customers.

The sales representatives do not exclusively distribute the furniture systems. In the event of bad experiences, they no longer actively offer O’s furniture systems. The system furniture market is fiercely competitive in D. In addition to quality and delivery time, prices also play a major role. This leads to discussions about intercompany prices at O.

The managing director in D seems overstrained. For him, the O’s European management is the main culprit in his predicament. O has long since lost faith in its chief executive in D. He doesn’t make the turn. Important decisions are coming up and the O’s management is losing patience.

A new interim managing director must do so immediately. He should come out of the system furniture industry with current contacts. He must be a strategist who is well aware of the issue between his own sales and sales representative business. A sales expert with international experience. Excellent communication skills, a man with charisma who immediately gains trust with customers, employees and management of the O. An interim management provider introduces several sales managers from the furniture industry to O’s management. The successful interim sales manager can vividly present his Blue Print for a new sales strategy in the first conversation. With the necessary empathy, he takes the concerns of O Managers seriously and immediately makes them feel that he knows solutions. After 1 year, the turnaround is done and O takes over the interim manager in a permanent position.

Conclusion: An industry expert who is also a true sales strategist with the necessary empathy guarantees success.