We regularly inform our Alpha Community about the work of our interim managers. Since the invention of Interim Management in Germany in 1979 by the founders of AlphaManagement, the reasons why Interim Managers are being used have expanded considerably. Initially, it they were mainly firefighting assignments. An interim manager had to be appointed as managing director at short notice to save and restructure the company.

Meanwhile, interim managers are used in special situations for a variety of tasks. Increasing efficiency by 20-30 percent through process optimization and improving work organization is now frequently in demand. The optimization of the product portfolio and a reorganization of production at the end of a product cycle have meanwhile come about. Digitization, internationalization and business development are now also included. We regularly publish case studies and articles on current topics to show the diversity of the interim management assignment.

Our customer community manager Ghazaleh Esfandiari ensures that the diverse work of our interim managers is known to our customers. It posts the stories of our interim managers and shows which different challenges are successfully mastered by our managers. Ms. Esfandiari observes the trends in interim management and informs the customer community.


Ghazaleh Esfandiari
Community Manageress

T: +49 (611) 97774-315
E: gesfandiari(at)alphamanagement.eu