The Alpha Community has about 2,000 interim managers, as well as third parties. All our managers have more than 10 years of leadership experience in a corporate function or as a project manager and are very successful in their special field. Many interim managers specialize in implementing specific business cases in addition to run the daily business. In doing so, they apply methods such as change management or lean management, use their cultural and language skills, and think outside the box. The alpha community is very agile, dynamic and flexible.

Alpha Interim Manager

Alpha Interim Managers meet regularly at the Manager Stammtisch (regulars’ table) or at the Forum Interim Management. Here they exchange best practices and talk about new trends. We meet the Alpha Interim Managers personally at regular intervals.

Alpha Management Pool®

New managers regularly apply to join the Alpha Management Pool®. The admission procedure is a process that carefully checks who is being accepted. We only accept managers we consider suitable as Alpha Interim Manager. Managers who want to work loyally with us and commiteed to deliver benefits to our customer projects.

Alpha Executive Club

The Alpha Executive Club is a group of Top Interim Executives who have worked for us many times and can explain what they do as consultants. We involve them from the very beginning in  demanding customer inquiries, to better understand our customer’s requirements. You are also in first line when it comes to customer assignments.

Alpha Interim Management Cooperation Partner

Interim managers who have worked with us recommend AlphaManagement to their customers. We work together to exceed our customer requirements.